Does the 9/11 Qur’an-burning make you sick? Here’s something we can DO!

7pm Thurs 9/9 update: So the media are reporting that the Qur’an burnings are off (this may link to the Times article, or not, due to some “issues” at, though the pastor in question has made a questionable claim that he obtained an agreement to move the mosque.  I’m still planning to wear my armband, and I hope other folks will, too.  This is a lot bigger than one guy in Florida.

So despite Gen. Petraeus’s pleas, the Florida “pastor” says he will go ahead with his planned burning of the Qur’an on September 11th.  But somehow allowing a moderate Muslim to erect a community center near ground zero is a “desecration”?  I never expected that Michael Bloomberg would show up on my list of American heros, but I’m glad someone is showing up.

OK, I signed the petition saying I would “stand with American Muslims.”  But I started to wonder whether there was a way to actually do something.

I thought about the (sadly apocryphal) story about King Christian X of Denmark donning a Star of David after the Nazis ordered Danish Jews to wear them.

So here’s my idea: on September 11th, wear a black armband with a Star-and-Crescent, a Star of David, and a crucifix.  Wear it doing whatever you’d be doing that day, or make a special trip.  I plan to wear mine to the 9/11 Blood Drive at Fenway Park.

And here are a few facts you may want to keep in mind, if anyone wants to start a conversation with you (or vice versa):

Worldwide, the overwhelming majority of victims of “Islamic terrorists” are Muslims.  Over 3,000 Pakistanis were killed by terrorists in 2009 alone.

In the US and Europe, attacks by Islamic extremists account for a very small percentage of total terrorist attacks.

Well over fifty Muslims were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

I’ve put some public domain images of the symbols below.  It’s Thursday; Saturday is eons away in web-years.  Tell your friends, email it, put it on your Facebook, or Twitter or whatever—maybe it can be a movement.  See you at the ballpark!

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