DEA number renewal needs (non-existant) MCSR expiration date SOLUTION

OK, so I went to renew my DEA number… maybe I let it go a little longer than I should have.  (Are a lot of these posts starting with “OK”?  A little anxiety there, maybe?)

In addition to wanting to know your state controlled substance number (in Massachusetts, the MCSR), they (now) need to know the expiration date of your state certificate.

The only problem: there is no expiration date printed on the MCSR certificate.  The other only problem: when you search the web and get to the Mass DPH “FAQ” page, you are told that the certificates do not actually expire, they are “recalled” every few years at the pleasure of the Mass DPH.

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Update to 2013 CPT Codes for Psychiatry

I tweaked the ROS section of history to have a complete list of systems, and better prompts.

I also modified the file names so that they have the date on them.  I will leave old versions up, to reduce possible confusion.  I’ll try to remember to update the original post (at so that it links to the blog entry for the latest update.

I’m making progress on the form for sessions/encounters and I hope to post it soon.

2013 CPT Codes for Psychiatry pdf version
2013 CPT Codes for Psychiatry .doc version for revision/remixing; more info with original post at

New Psychiatry CPT Codes: Don’t Panic

If you’re a psychiatrist (or psychiatric RNCS) in the US reading this, you are almost certainly aware that all of our billing codes changed on Jan 1, 2013.  If you are like most of the psychiatrists I know—at least in private practice—you are at least somewhat freaked out by this.  If so, keep reading.  If not—for example, if you’re not a psychiatrist in the US—stop reading this immediately and go do something more interesting, like… well, like just about anything other than memorizing a phone book.  (There used to be things called phone books…  never mind.)

I made up a one-sheet reference, which I think can help with the codes.  There are links to it at the bottom.

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