“The Controversial Therapy That Deliberately Enrages Patients”

A sharp-eyed friend (with the help of google) alerted me to a piece about ISTDP on a site I had not previously known, vice.com, with the above title.  You can read it here.

I made a few attempts to post a comment, but they didn’t stick, maybe because I included my website URL (www.natkuhn.com).  Maury Yoszef did manage to get an intelligent comment up there, thanks Maury!

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Mavericks Upgrade: Go For It

Added later: this is of purely historical interest, if that.  I added a category “outdated,” but maybe “obsolete” would be more accurate…

I tend to be a late adopter of operating systems.  I went from Windows 95 to XP to 7, skipping Vista, Me, and a number of other dogs whose names I can’t even remember.  I would still be running XP except that when my son switched from Linux to Windows 7 I sat up and took notice. Continue reading “Mavericks Upgrade: Go For It”