OK, I give up

Added later: when  I started a blog, it was just about technology-related stuff.  I started a “general” blog later (about two months later, it looks like). Eventually I merged them—earlier this year (2017), I think. This was the first post on the original tech blog.

So until now I’ve resisted having a blog. “I don’t have time to have a blog,” I thought. Well, I still don’t have time to have a blog, but I’ve been doing various tech-y things lately, relying extensively on postings around the web to solve problems. I decided I would start the blog so that people might see how I did some of these things (and so that I could see how I did them because I forget pretty quickly, I notice).

Of course, thinking about it, I started to think about all the things I could write about… I definitely don’t have time to do those things now, but since they might come all out of order, I’m going to write down the ones I thought about and maybe fill them in later.

1. Me and computers through the ages
2. Me and PDAs through the ages
3. Nat sells his soul to Google
4. Migrating from Palm OS/Agendus to Google/Android